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Why choose Wood Rose?

Why Wood Rose?

Will I be preparing my children well for the future?


The journey to your child’s bright future is best taken in partnership with us. Why? Because it is essential that we involve not only the student but also all of his/her loved ones and ensure that all are treated like family.


We approach education in a holistic manner.


The effective use of new technologies and the practice of languages are daily tools at the school.


We educate and enhance not only highly intellectual and effective students but also individuals that are very capable in fulfilling their duties as members of society.


Our teachers are mentors who are committed to an enriched relationship with the family, facilitating continuous improvement, in all aspects academic, personal, cultural, etc.


We have a great learning environment that also provides for the proper nutrition of its students.


Wood Rose Academy is a center of education that differentiates with the distinctive note of equality between men and women, in which they receive a Christian formation based on freedom and personal responsibilities.


We invest in the professional development of the teaching staff, supporting their eagerness and commitment to the goals of this educational institution.

A High Level Classical Academic training and deeply Human Education guided by Catholic principles.

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