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Spanish Project



Wood Rose Academy Bilingual Program is focused on the development of natural speaking of the Spanish language through fun projects, songs, body expression, participating in pairs or groups, mindful of the different learning styles of our students.


During 3 hours per week of Clase de Español and 2 hours per week of Art instruction given in the Spanish language by native-speaking teachers,  WRA ensures that learning Spanish is an unforgettable experience.


We help them to develop a positive attitude towards the Spanish culture and Spanish-speaking countries with an appreciation of their holidays, customs, tastes, games ... creating an environment of complete immersion in the classroom, based on the ELE (Aprendizaje del Español como Lengua Extranjera or Acquisition of Spanish as a Foreign Language).


During the Spanish class students:


  • Improve their listening skills from Native Spanish Teachers

  • Get a Natural Speaking through practicing dialogues, poetry, songs and drama.

  • Expand the vocabulary to communicate successfully.  

  • Having real experiences in Spanish

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