Virtues for Leaders

Virtues for Leaders is our virtue program based on the seek of Truth, Beauty and the Good.

Building character through Virtues practice

At Wood Rose Academy & Preschool we believe the best leaders are those  who practice virtues daily to build their own character with the goal to improve their life and to give themselves to the others.

The pursuit of happiness is fundamental to human nature and the way to achieve happiness is through the practice of virtues. Virtues allow us to seek and discover Truth, Beauty and the Good.

At Wood Rose Academy & Preschool we have developed a virtue program called "Virtues for Leaders" where every student gets the tools to develop the leader they have within them.

Also we give some monthly guidelines to develop the individual in every skill, that is: Intellectual, Moral, Physical and Spiritual.

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Wood Rose Academy is part of The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education. 

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