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Own Character  


School Character


1. Wood Rose Academy and Preschool is a non-profit institution, offering its students comprehensive education, according to the principles (summarized below) in the most conducive-to-learning environment possible.


2. Wood Rose Academy and Preschool is open to anyone who wants this type of education offered, without any discrimination for religious beliefs and socio-economic standing.


3. Education is a responsibility and inalienable right of the parents, with whom Wood Rose Academy and Preschool collaborates, without substituting for them, in the formation of their children. The parents of the students freely accept the character of the school when they request a place for their children.


4. To achieve the goals of effective education, it is important that there is harmony between the education that students receive in their families and that which is taught in school. Therefore, close collaboration with the parents of the students is encouraged and help is provided to them to improve their work as the first educators of their children.


5. The different levels and cycles of teaching have the development and academic content required by current legislation and are complemented by appropriate activities to provide a complete training that attends to different areas such as: human, spiritual, civic, artistic, social, sports, etc.


6. Wood Rose Academy and Preschool promotes among its faculty an education inspired by the principles of the Christian faith; according to the teachings of the Catholic Church; and without prejudice to other religions and their values.


7. Here are characteristic features of the education that Wood Rose Academy offers:


  • Encourage the formation of one's own personality in a meaningful and responsible way.

  • Provide extraordinary local and international cultural development.

  • Promote solidarity; cultivate the social and civic virtues, and teach to act freely and responsibly in civil tasks, with a spirit of service to others.

  • Stimulate personal maturity, generosity and respect for others, hard work and competitive spirit. Encourage a culture of effort that helps students to achieve the full potential of their talents and capacities.

  • Foster orderliness, punctuality, cleanliness and care for material things, as well as being sensitive and cordial in the treatment of others.

8. Wood Rose Academy offers a personalized education to all students, so that each one can reach the maximum development of their abilities, form their own character, and can make their decisions in a free and responsible way. It is intended that students, with the help of their parents and teachers, define, develop and achieve personal improvement. The mentor helps each student to know how to make good use of their freedom and to strive to improve their academic performance, their school and family life.


9. The management of the school is responsible for the development and organization of teaching and training activities and also ensures that the entire educational community contributes to the development of all students.


10. The active participation of the parents in the tasks of the school is promoted in an environment of mutual friendship and trust.


11. The mission, vision, curriculum and daily duties of our teachers are developed in accordance with the principles of Wood Rose Academy and Preschool.


12. Wood Rose Academy and Preschool organizes courses and activities to constantly develop our teachers and other staff.


13. The work of non-teaching staff is an important complement to the proper functioning of each school. For this reason, they voluntarily and responsibly undertake to collaborate with the philosophy of our school.

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