Personalized Education

Personalized Education

Wood Rose Academy and Preschool is committed to offering a personalized and comprehensive education so that each of its students can achieve their abilities' full potential, form their own disposition and make decisions freely and responsibly. We have a personal improvement project for each of them. Our personalized education model is based on four pillars.


  • Family, primary educator: Parents together with the personal mentor follow and guide the educational program of their child.


  • The teachers: With their continuous training experience and education they ensure a commitment that goes beyond the academic program, offering the student the guidance according to their age and personal situation.


  • The students: All students are given equal importance when it comes to their education. Wood Rose Academy with the Arenales Foundation will train, develop the abilities, stimulate the habits, educate the virtues, propose models of behavior and empower the freedom of each student.


  • The personal mentor: Each student has a personal mentor that specifies and reviews their educational program with their parents.


In our school, each student, with his personal freedom always in mind, deserves constant attention, personalized treatment and effective follow-up of both his academic performance and his integration in the life of the school. This is what distinguishes us from the other educational institutions in the area.


The personal mentor is a teacher who has a collaborative attitude and also assumes the responsibility of helping the parents in the education of their child. The mentor assists the students in their school performance, motivating and counseling them. He/she is the person who encourages them on a daily basis to maintain a positive attitude so they can build a strong, free and balanced personality.


Mentors are provided with specialized training to ensure that they fulfill their important tasks. Fostering fruitful communication among the mentor, parents and students are vital to achieve the goals laid out in each student’s development plan; further, this also aids in identifying potential challenges from the outset and resolves them accordingly.

Our customized educational model is based on four pillars:

1. The family.

2. The teachers.

3. The students.

4. The personal mentor.

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Wood Rose Academy is part of The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education. 

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