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There are many benefits to wearing uniforms.  Wood Rose Academy has adopted a uniform and grooming policy which is designed to benefit the student and the culture of the Academy.  


Uniforms promote good behavior and provide an improved environment for learning. Uniforms reduce morning stress, and competition children might feel to wear certain (and nearly always expensive) brands of clothing.  Uniforms are a positive and creative way to increase school safety and reduce discipline problems.  Parents establish closer working relationship with the teachers and administration when they guide and ensure their children follow the uniform policy. Students are appreciated for their inner strengths and virtues, and their efforts in the classroom, not what they wear on the outside.  


The school uniform is part of the Wood Rose Academy regulations.

Boy's Uniform
Boy's Uniform
Boys - Shirt
Boys - Sweater
Boys - Pants
Boys - Shorts
Girl's Uniform
Girls - Shirt
Girls - Skirt
Girls - Shorts
Girls - Pants
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