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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values


Wood Rose Academy’s mission is to provide a strong academic foundation through a classical curriculum.

We partner with parents in the intellectual, moral, physical and spiritual formation of their children in the Catholic tradition. We educate our students to serve God, to seek truth and beauty, and to pursue excellence in work and studies.



Wood Rose Academy will have achieved its mission when each child is equipped to live a happy‭, ‬joyful‭, ‬effective‭, ‬productive life‭ ‬for and with others‭, ‬whatever vocation in life is chosen‭.  ‬

We aim to be recognized as‭ ‬an open and active education community‭ ‬in a continuous process of adaptation‭, ‬oriented towards a‭ ‬person’s service at a personal‭, ‬professional and spiritual level‭, ‬with an educational project that aims‭ ‬to train men and women with critical thinking abilities‭.‬



Our schools particularly promote‭ ‬the moral and cultural values associated with a job well‭ ‬done and always carried out with a sense of cooperation with others and society as a whole. We desire to improve‭, ‬ to show a positive vision of people and situations‭ and to respect and promote the individual’s freedom and responsibility‭. ‬

A personalized and integral training, in climate of full freedom, that encourages the responsibility, the continuous improvement and personal realization.

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