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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values


Wood Rose Academy‭ ‬exists to provide an integral formation to girls and boys that focuses on a strong foundation in the language arts‭, ‬mathematics‭, ‬fine arts‭, ‬and the natural and social sciences‭, ‬as well as development of thinking‭, ‬speaking‭, ‬writing and organizational skills that will enable each one‭ ‬to have a positive impact on society‭.‬

Additionally‭, ‬students are provided‭ ‬training in the knowledge and practice of the virtues and growth in the knowledge of the important guiding principles in life‭,‬‭ ‬based on a deep personal relationship with God‭.  ‬Ultimately‭, ‬the school’s mission is to foster the discovery of one’s‭ ‬“mission in life”‭ ‬which is not only the pathway to personal fulfillment‭, ‬but the avenue of giving the greatest glory to God through service to others‭.‬



Wood Rose Academy will have achieved its mission when each child is equipped to live a happy‭, ‬joyful‭, ‬effective‭, ‬productive life‭ ‬for and with others‭, ‬whatever vocation in life is chosen‭.  ‬

We aim to be recognized as‭ ‬an open and active education community‭ ‬in a continuous process of adaptation‭, ‬oriented towards a‭ ‬person’s service at a personal‭, ‬professional and spiritual level‭, ‬with an educational project that aims‭ ‬to train men and women with critical thinking abilities‭.‬



Our schools particularly promote‭ ‬the moral and cultural values associated with a job well‭ ‬done and always carried out with a sense of cooperation with others and society as a whole. We desire to improve‭, ‬ to show a positive vision of people and situations‭ and to respect and promote the individual’s freedom and responsibility‭. ‬

A personalized and integral training, in climate of full freedom, that encourages the responsibility, the continuous improvement and personal realization.

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