Educational Innovation

Educational Innovation

Today's learner learns differently and are less receptive to teaching based on essentially passive learning.  They live in a world where knowledge is shared online and their learning is not limited to only what happens in the classroom.  The progressive evolution of technology within a globalized world has created a new student profile with capacity for adaptation, communication and innovation, as well as creative thinking and collaboration skills - a set of competencies, that is becoming increasingly important for the workplace.  Therefore, these students require a personalized, connected and flexible learning environment.


With the aim of training our students to integrate in a changing environment, at Wood Rose Academy we have an innovative educational project to update education without losing fundamental principles.  This project is based on the following elements:


The Mobile Training Project is an advanced method, already implemented in multiple schools, that seeks integration of the computer in the classroom.  The student will use textbooks, in digital format, on an ipad.

Our project mobile learning integrates the computer in the classroom.

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Wood Rose Academy is part of The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education. 

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