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SHARP Nights to enrich SHARP Parents

Wood Rose Academy is pleased to offer a new series of Seminars for parents - SHARP Nights for Parents. Created by our own Fr, Mark Mannion, this series of seminars will address our responsibility as parents to both ourselves in various ways so that we can help our children from themselves as God's children. If you have parents whose children don't attend Wood Rose, please feel free to share/invite them.

We will begin our SHARP Nights with Fr. Mark. These evening discussion groups will be a time for learning and fellowship for parents who wish to grow in their vocation as parents. The first of five sessions will be on Friday, February 10th beginning at 7 p.m. here in our 8th grade classroom. There will be food and drink to enjoy as well. If you would like to come to the first session to see how it is, please come at no charge. To receive the two books and continue in the program, the fee will be $50 per family.


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