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Wood Rose Academy Second Annual Spelling Bee

In front of a packed house of Wood Rose Academy families and friends, on Thursday, February 16th, the top eighteen spellers from grades three through eight competed in our second annual spelling bee. With Mrs. Kathleen Mazolewski as the able interlocutor, between them the competitors were offered one hundred ninety six words to spell correctly before a winner was declared. All contestants did themselves proud. As with all spelling bees, however, one person finally prevailed with the correct spelling of the one hundred ninety sixth word, labyrinthine. The top three finishers will now move on to the county competition. At the end of the evening, the third place finisher was Adam Mazolewski, in second place was Leah Lopez and the champion was Olivia Mazolewski. Olivia’s name will be inscribed on the Susan E. Chabot memorial trophy, which is awarded each year to the winner of our spelling bee.

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