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Wood Rose Academy Accreditation Renewed

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges has granted Wood Rose Academy accreditation status through June 30, 2021.

Wood Rose Academy will have a mid-term 2-day visit from a WASC committee in the Spring of 2019 to evaluate progress in the implementation of the schoolwide action plan and in student achievement overall.

ACS WASC encourages and supports institutional development and improvement through an institutional self-evaluation using the accreditation criteria and policies, as well as mid-cycle, follow-up, and special reports, and periodic evaluation of institutional quality by qualified peer professionals. (From the WASC website

Wood Rose Academy was commended by the visiting committee for the nurturing environment provided for students and for the progress made in development of a fully articulated curriculum, as well as the improved communication between all stakeholders, particularly with the development of the mentoring program.

Recommendations for further improvement include continuing work on alignment of the curriculum to standards and benchmarks, additional long term strategic planning by school leadership, and development of teachers, particularly in current pedagogies and the use of modern technologies for both teachers and students.

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