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Mrs. Crnkovich & Ms. Chabot's Farewell Party

Mrs. Crnkovich and Ms. Chabot Farewell

May 5th, 2017 was a special day for Wood Rose Academy. We had an event to honor our beloved Mrs. Ellen Crnkovich and Ms. Susan Chabot. It was also our chance to say farewell to Mrs. Chabot who announced her retirement. More than two hundred people joined us in celebrating their very fruitful careers at Walnut Creek Country Clubhouse.

Our very own Mrs. Iniguez, gave a very heart warming account of how Mrs. Crnkovich and Ms. Chabot were instrumental in establishing and developing Wood Rose Academy and their invaluable contributions for the past during 20 years.

What made the night more memorable was both past and present Wood Rose Academy team members were present to show their support; with special mention to our first principal, Mrs. Johnson.

Mrs. Crnkovich and Ms. Chabot were very grateful and expressed their heartfelt appreciation to all those who attended.

We are happy to say that Mrs. Crnkovich will continue to be with us and take on her new role of Assistant Principal starting next school year.

We wish all best to Ms. Chabot who will enjoy the next chapter of her life in Ohio. We will miss you Susan and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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