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Video games and our children

Technology is and has been for a while know an integral part of our daily lives. Our kids spend a significant amount of their time using a computer and/or a mobile device immersed in social media and playing games. As much as we know that there is a massive educational benefit with a lot of videos, games and apps out there, there is also a flip side to it and we want to ideally strike a balance between educational and leisure use.

Wood Rose Academy would like to provide a more comprehensive background and understanding on how parents can better tackle technology with particular emphasis on gaming. Our school is privileged to have Jeff Haynes who is an industry expert with more than 15 years of experience so far. Jeff has taken on various positions in the entertainment and gaming industry; particularly with ENTERTAINMENT, and He is currently the Senior Editor, Video Games and Website at Common Sense Media - Quoting their company mission: “Common Sense is the leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. We empower parents, teachers, and policymakers by providing unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools to help them harness the power of media and technology as a positive force in all kids’ lives.”

To facilitate a more interactive and beneficial discussion with Jeff, we would like all of our parents for your questions and concerns as early as now. Please direct them to Mr. Daniel Solino. We are very excited to have Jeff join us on March 30, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. and we will be having it at Wood Rose Academy. For more questions or inquiries kindly email us at See you all there!

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