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Religion is taught two to three times a week and is mandatory for Catholic students. The main text books are part of the Faith & Life series published by Ignatius Press. Classes are supplemented with selected and interesting narratives from the Old and New Testament.


Themes that pervade the religion curriculum include the recognition and efforts of living as a loved child of God, a more personal knowledge of the person of Jesus, as well as the understanding of religion and worship as just and proper responses to the Creator.


Texts: Image of God K (Ignatius Press)


  • Introduction to the Trinity, Creation, Ten Commandments, Baptism, Prayer, the miracles of Jesus, Heaven, & Holy Days.

  • Learn about the human virtues and how to put them to practice.

  • Lives of the Saints

1st Grade

Texts: We Believe God Loves Us (Sadlier)


  • Learn about the Catholic faith through scripture and tradition.

  • Learn about the liturgy and sacraments.

  • Identify aspects of faith i.e. Holy Trinity, Blessed family, commandments and sacraments.

  • How to make prayer a part of daily life.

2nd Grade

Texts: Faith and Life 2


  • Holy Mass and Eucharist.

  • Holy Spirit.

  • God’s Family – The Church.

  • Jesus Is Always Present.

  • Baptism & Penance.

  • Following God’s Laws.

  • Special Virtue Focus each week.

  • Lives of  the Saints

3rd Grade  

Texts: Faith and Life 3; Sacred Scripture selections


  • God's plan of salvation, from creation to the Incarnation and Redemption to the birth of the Church at Pentecost and our life in the Church. Special emphasis on the importance of Confession, Communion and the Mass.

  • Special Virtue Focus each week.

4th Grade  

Texts: Faith and Life 4; Sacred Scripture selections


  • God’s love and creations.

  • Abraham, Moses, and King David.

  • Meeting Jesus in Confession.

  • Purity and Truth.

  • Communion of Saints.

  • Mary, Our Mother and Queen.

  • Jesus’ Ascension.

  • Coming of the Holy Spirit.

5th Grade 

Texts: Credo: I Believe, Ignatius Press pub. The New American Bible, St. Joseph edition

Topics: The Apostles Creed, the Trinity, salvation history from Adam and Eve through the New Testament, and the universal call to holiness.

6th Grade

Texts: Image of God

Topics:  Old Testament Studies

7th Grade

Texts: Faith and Life Series, Book Seven, 3rd edition: The Life of Grace

Topics: Make reference to both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition in explaining and defending the teachings of the Catholic Church. The nature of God and man, salvation history, virtue, grace, the Sacraments.

8th Grade

Texts: Faith and Life Series  Book Eight, 3rd edition


  • The History of the Church

  • The Church’s Hierarchy

  • Mary – Mother of the Church

  • The Saints

  • Vocations

  • The Life of Virtue

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