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Natural Science

Natural Science is a key component to the school education. Along with detailed classification and regular notation in scientific journals, the boys actively engage in the natural surroundings on campus and nearby locations. The subject fosters a systematic and knowledgeable understanding of the natural world as well as the ability for careful observation, appreciation, and greater awareness of the dynamic natural world surrounding them. Many of the subjects of study are similar across the grades, but the study increases in depth and detail and with different focuses per grade.




  • Basic concepts of science through hands-on activities.

  • Marine life, insects, plants, human body.

  • Five senses.

  • Dinosaurs, reptiles, & mammals

1st Grade

Texts: Multiple texts.


  • Learning about science through experimentation and a “hands- on” experience

  • Life science- living things and habitats

  • Exploration of space and astronomy

  • States of matter (Physical science)  and making careful observations through experiments

  • Sound and light

  • Landforms,  waterforms and weather

2nd Grade

Texts: Fusion Science 2


  • Taking Care of Yourself.

  • The Animal World.

  • Plants.

  • Energy & Movement.

  • Air & Weather.

  • Oceans & Continents.

3rd Grade   

Texts: Fusion Science 3


  • Life Science

  • Physical Science

  • Earth Science

  • Human Body

  • Scientific Method

4th Grade

Texts: Fusion Science 4


  • Investigations/Scientific Method

  • Earth Surfaces

  • Electricity and Magnetism

  • Relationships of Living Things

5th Grade 

Texts: Science Fusion 5


  • Scientific Methods of Investigation

  • Life Science – atoms, molecules, cells (plant & animal), specialized cells, tissue, structures of Living things:  Plants, Animals, Human (respiration, digestions, waste transport)

  • Weather

  • The Sun

  • Practical Applications including a garden in the Spring.

6th Grade 

Texts: Science Fusion Modules E-F (Earth Science)


  • The Scientific Method

  • How the Earth’s Surface Changes

  • The History of the Earth

  • Minerals and Rocks

  • Earth’s Water, Oceanography

  • Earth’s Atmosphere

  • Weather and Climate

7th Grade 

Texts: Science Fusion Modules A-C (Life Science)


  • The Scientific Method

  • Cells

  • Heredity

  • Classifications of Living Things

  • The Human Body

  • Evolution

8th Grade 

Texts: Science Fusion Modules H-I (Physical Science)


  • The Scientific Method

  • Matter

  • Energy

  • Atoms and the Periodic Table

  • Chemical Reactions

  • Solutions

  • Acids and Bases

  • Motion

  • Forces

  • Work and Energy

  • Electricity and Magnetism

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