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Students develop familiarity with percussion instruments and practice hearing pitches, along with song memorization.

Songs about friendship, barnyard and various animals are memorized

Songs in Spanish are also introduced in the younger grades as well as patriotic songs about America

Students in first grade are learning about and listening to music from many different genres

We have fun dancing, singing and playing instruments, and even drawing with all types of music

3rd Grade and 4th Grade

Students learn basic theory principles, including rhythm, notes, and how to sing rounds. In the spring, students will apply lessons of performance, theory, and rhythm by learning to play the recorder. 

5th Grade and 6th Grade

Student continue to increase note reading and rhythm skills on Hand Chimes, and participate as a choir for the monthly mass.  


7th Grade and 8th Grade

Students participate in choir singing hymns, rounds, and chants. Through harmony and rhythm exercises they practice their theory skills. The choir performs at the monthly mass and the annual school dinner and action.




All students participate in the annual Christmas show performance.

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