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Wood Rose Latin is taught on 6th, 7th & 8th Grades and focuses on the reading of Classical Latin through a program which focuses on grammar and syntax. This focus on the way thoughts and ideas are expressed and grounded in a logical system allows students to understand the method in which texts from any age are constructed.


By providing this basis, grounded in a Latin model, students may deconstruct a system to its barest logical idea. 


By focusing on tangible results in the form of board work and produced translations, students learn to interact with information almost completely foreign to them. 

Students participate in classes twice weekly. This allows ample time to study and practice the large quantities of information received during class time. 

During Latin class students:

- Translate sentences 

- Sing and chant Latin poetry 

- Expand their Latin vocabulary

- Learn the syntax and grammar inherent in language

- Learn how grammar and syntax effect language 

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