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Foundation Tertio Millennio

Foundation Tertio Millennio

The Tertio Millenio Foundation is an educational institution that provides its students with a high level of Academic Training, and at the same time, a human formation based on the fundamental principles of the Christian Doctrine.  To carry out this project, we a team of professionals highly qualified for the task and deeply identified with the ideals of the center. 


It aims to integrate parents with an active and committed role in this task, aware of the importance of finding the greatest possible synergies between the training efforts of the family and school.


It offers its students an integral formation and to families an effective advice, so that it facilitates as much as possible that each one can acquire a high personal preparation that allows him to construct his future with free freedom and according to his aspirations.


It provides an intense work climate and high personal demand, while transmitting values that provide references and clear criteria of behavior, as well as critical ability and personal responsibility.


It has the most advanced learning and communication tools, as language learning and mastery of new communication technologies are basic elements of the project.


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