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Capital Campaign

Project Overview

The new two-story building will be approximately 17.582,83  square feet. It will be located at our current location at 4347 Cowell Rd. in Concord, CA.


The ground floor will consist of a chapel, a spacious cafeteria that can be reconfigured into a multi-use room and performing arts stage. It will also include 2 additional classrooms to

accommodate our youngest students and administrative offices.

There is vertical access with 2 staircases, which can be found at each end of the building, and an elevator. Restrooms will also be located on both levels.

The academic space on the 2nd floor is designed to contain 10 spacious classrooms with spectacular views of our new turf soccer field. Tall glass windows throughout the building will filter in natural lighting and solar panels will be installed for an eco-friendly environment.

The 2nd floor also boasts a state of the art science laboratory that is easily adaptable to encourage a mix of different learning disciplines for optimum learning. Each classroom will be equipped with modern day learning tools to assist teachers and students.  


The 2nd floor also features a school library, computer room, mentoring stations, and a teacher lounge.


The building includes numerous spaces for informal or formal interaction, such as the spacious corridors and glass- wall mentoring cubicles. The rooftop terrace is the ideal

space for our upper-grade students to experiment with outdoor gardening and composting.

The main parts of the floor are accessed through a lobby that runs through the center. In the design you will see a straight main hallway that runs the length of the building, which will provide access to all of the rooms. This allows the layout to orderly and clear.

Capital Campaign

The total estimated cost of both projects is $3,500,000.


Future plans include the purchase of adjacent property to expand student recreational areas and provide for future development.

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