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Math Growth Can Be Fun!

All classrooms have students who learn at different paces. At our school teachers look for the best methods of teaching students with different learning paces. Through carefully chosen games and math routines, Mr. Pellico helps his 2nd graders grow in their Math knowledge. For example, after completing multiplication and division work, students are rewarded at the end of each week with a number game called "Number in the Sun". In this picture, students were playing the game with the number 150. The object of the game is that each student uses math skills to find different ways to reach the number. If the students respond with equations that reach the number in the sun, they are correct and they win. The teacher simply writes the solutions in the sun picture on the board, as students call them out, so students can keep track of what they've said. The teacher also tries to challenge students by encouraging them to find more ways of reaching that same number. For 2nd graders at Wood Rose, growing in math skills and knowledge is definitely fun!

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