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3rd and 4th grade field trip at the Apple Store in Walnut Creek, CA

Nowadays, when using mobile devices, children are mostly engaged in watching videos and playing apps. Luckily, the leisure aspect is only one side of the coin when it come to the usefulness of mobile devices. iPads, for example, are being used as a powerful tool in education of individuals of all ages.

With this in mind and through our collaboration with Apple, our 3rd and 4th grade students visited the Apple Walnut Creek store to learn about the iPads more educational functions. How it can be used by both teachers and students to enrich their learning experience on a daily basis. This holds true to one of our schools goals which is utilizing technology to regularly improve our educational practices. Are you a parent of one of our 3rd or 4th grade students? It would be great to check on your kids and ask them what they learned about the trip? And to all parents, we value all types of comments and suggestions.

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